Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 176- Party Animal

I didn't have internet access yesterday as we were at Aly's wedding. It was great and with one nap between the wedding and reception, Jackson did wonderfully. He had fun with lots of aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, and friends. He loved his (great) Uncle Tim. He danced and ate tons of fruit. He thought it was fabulous being the center of attention. Since so many other people had Jackson and were taking pictures of him, I didn't get any pics at the wedding/reception. However, here are my favorite after party pics when we went back to Russell's parents house to take care of the dogs and head to bed. I love how the pictures turned out! Oh and we had to take his pants off so he could crawl on the slippery floor and his shirt is unbuttoned to get his tie off and clean up some of the watermelon juice.
Eligible bachelor
Checking out the grass
Thumbs up for a great night
Eating grass if funny
What Mom- you can't really mean that I can't eat that
I just love this picture
And the tongue is back out
Trying to eat some more grass- tempting me to tell him no so he can mock me
Trying to act innocent (don't worry he spit the grass out a minute later)
He cracks himself up (I actually think he's laughing at Joe Dog)
Posing for the camera
Crawling on the grass
The grass was tickling his neck- he was laughing so hard

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