Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 174- bye bye

Jackson had to say goodbye to mamaw and saba and all the spoiling that comes with them today. I'm so excited they were here to see him learn to crawl! Now we have to get ready for two wedding weekends in a row, so it'll just be pictures and captions today. I also have 2 quick videos for facebook b/c it takes way too long to post here.
What don't you like to relax with your feet up?
not sure what he thought was so funny, but he was cracking up
As he's leaving the room- I say Jackson, all your toys are over here
And I get this innocent suck up face...he's learning manipulation so quickly
Jackson thinks it's a riot when I call him wierdo
But seriously, the kid is weird. This is what he does- open mouth, mouthing anything he can. Just lays his head down and mouths it, then looks up and laughs
Jackson's favorite book- peekaboo baby. Favorite page? Bunny is hungry, are you hungry too? Yum, yum. You are hungry too.
Other favorite book- The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Look at his excitement when he sees him!
Jackson's new teething position- tongue out rubbing where the latest tooth is cutting.

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