Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 156- My last Sunday before school until August!!

WE had a great day today. Candy, Patricia and Allison babysat Jackson this afternoon so Russell and I could see the Hangover 2- just as funny as the first on in my opinion, but definitely more vulgar!

Jackson was in a good mood all day and cut himself down to 2 naps- I'm sure it won't last, but he's getting older! Pretty soon he'll be down to 1 nap. His naps were long and let me get a nap this afternoon.

He's also getting better about getting around. This evening he headed right for the container of puffs and tried very hard to open them. Little booger. He also helped to finish the watermelon tonight and gave me some good pictures.
Wow- that made a mess
Stop- Bernie, mom says you can't get into the garbage
Hmmm... cinnamon and maple crunchies, how am I going to get these open?
I love my doggies
Rockin' out on the keyboard
Eating watermelon like a champ now
big bites
Eating watermelon is tough work!

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