Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 178- Cranky baby

Poor Jackson had every nap interrupted today and it led to one cranky baby. We did have our good times, but man the bad were bad. I don't know how mothers of fussy babies do it. It totally reminds me just how spoiled I am with the little guy.

Tomorrow starts summer school- I'm not really looking forward to it this year. I hope that as I get in the swing of things I'll be excited, but either way it's only 16 days- I can make it! I'm sure Jackson is going to be super stoked to see all his friends at Ms. Brenda's and I know she's going to be happy to have him back.

Two cool things from today. First, he pulled himself up, without prompting, on his toy box. Second, he has now started to sing the elmo song (well his version) every time he sees Elmo. He's showing great receptive language skills also- I'm going to drive you all crazy and post a video :)
He was happy this morning
Silly kid wouldn't look up so this was the only way I could catch a smile
Investigating the grass, which desperately needs cut
Unpacking his toys from the weekend

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