Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 179- Preview of the terrible twos

I made a mistake and left the strawberries on his tray at the beginning of dinner. He threw one holy tantrum when they were gone. He refused to try the macaroni, threw the fish, and just shook his head no no no and slammed his fists. I gave him chicken tenders which he reluctantly ate, then he ate some watermelon. While eating the watermelon he accidentally ate a piece of mac n cheese. Then he realized he liked that and devoured 2 scoops. I am so not looking forward to the terrible twos!

Beyond that he was fabulous today- a much different baby from yesterday. He was so excited to see his friends and Ms. Brenda that he wouldn't even tell me bye :( Again, he wouldn't sleep for her so he took an hour and a half nap once we got home and then a 2 1/2 hour nap before dinner. It pushed his bedtime back an hour, but he went down without a fight- love that kid!

Oh and I'm totally going to drive everyone crazy b/c I have to post a picture of his new cheese face- he's such a ham.
silly baby- he got stuck under the jumparoo
happy boy b/c there were strawberries on the tray- oops!
no pictures mom
what is this?
these are NOT strawberries!
Fine, I'll eat the damn chicken- but I don't have to like it!
Ok, maybe I do like it
You caved- yummy fruit!
Haha- I win 2 pieces of watermelon!
Bernie- what part of no barking don't you get?
Yeah, I'm handsome

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