Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 155- mommy's helper

There are a couple of pictures from Jackson this morning, but I didn't have my camera when I needed this evening! Jackson came outside with me to "help" me weed the strawberries and pick the ripe ones. As I picked I put them in a bucket- I look over and see a red faced/red handed/ red clothed little boy with a smile, chomping away. What I don't see- the strawberries I picked. I guess this garden was planted just for him this year :)

Showing off my new sesame street diaper that mom won me

standing tall with a cute butt :)

silly mom- I don't do socks
Haha- you can't make me wear them
I'm so proud of Jackson- when he rolls, he rolls to his books
Look mom- I can read!
His favorite book today- Baby Hears!
Mad at dad b/c he's paying more attention to Bernie
Mom told Dad to come and get me, but he just takes my picture instead- jerk!

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