Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 164- It was a good run

After 10 months of breastfeeding, I'm sad to say that Jackson is now on formula. For a couple of reasons I had trouble keeping up and then I had to supplement from my freezer stash more and more. He began to get frustrated and over the past week has weaned himself. He doesn't seem to stressed and tonight had his first full formula bottle. I've mixed over the last day and he's done really well. I think he actually enjoys the freedom of having the bottle. I have mixed emotions, but in the end- I'm proud that I made it 10 months. I value the time we had and am glad I was able to give that much to Jackson. It was hard having to buy formula and make bottles, but I'm glad to know that he's getting all the nutrition he needs. He'll be switching to milk in two months- so it's not that far off from my goal. I'm also very thankful that he's been so flexible and weaning wasn't difficult at all (much more on me than him!).

He's a busy little guy these days and I know he's going to run me ragged as soon as he's able to walk or crawl efficiently. We worked half a day at school today getting things ready for summer school. I'm really looking forward to the next two weeks at home with him! We had so much fun he refused his afternoon nap, not that you could tell until 7:00 when I was getting things ready for bed. He went to sleep easily tonight, but I hope that doesn't mean that he's going to be up early. Right now, he sleeps until 7 or 8 and that works just fine for me. I'm hoping I can get the dogs in that routine too!

I'm starting to think about his first birthday party. I think it's kind of silly to have a big shindig because he's not going to remember it. However, he's had some amazing people in his life that I want to celebrate with. I'm so blessed to have strong support system here- people available to babysit, spoil him, or just give me a break. They do it willingly and it's so wonderful to see how loved he is. I think it's been everyone involved in his life that has made him such an easygoing, happy baby. He's never gone anywhere where he's not the center of attention. (That was obvious last night when he would yell and then wave once he got everyone looking!)

One thing about his bottle and his business is that he can't settle long enough to drink a whole bottle (and i'm talking the little ones). He gets distracted, likes to shake it, likes to throw it, likes to twist it and watch the milk move around. I have found when he's in his rocker and I put on his TV though, he just settles right in and drinks. I hate to make him associate TV with eating, as that is a terrible habit, but I'm not sure what else to do. Any advice from you bottle feeding mamas out there?

The TV leads me to another story from today. One that Russell won't like because he doesn't want Jackson to learn Spanish. Jackson was watching Hola Bebe on the babyfirst TV channel. They were teaching colors today- brown and white. Jackson has decided that the word blanco is the funniest word ever. Even funnier than "God bless you." I'm not sure what goes through his mind when he thinks these random things are funny, but it is a riot to watch. While teaching the word they had a child say blanco, then a picture of something white and description (ie the dog is blanco), they did this for 5 minutes. Every single time they said blanco he would crack up. Then they moved on to brown and finally they began to teach "raton" They would show pictures of mice and then describe them. They had a grey and a white mouse. "raton gris" Jackson just watched mesmerized. "Raton blanco" he lost it- sprayed his milk, dropped the bottle and doubled over laughing. I have a very strange child.

Jackson is a strange child with a new trick. He wet his diaper during his afternoon nap, one of my few velcro diapers. Apparently he didn't like this, so he took it off. Fortunately, no accident occurred from this- but I did learn. Only snap diapers for naps!

So now that I've written too much- here are the pictures from today:
Just chill'n watching some Elmo
Oh- Mrs. Sparklenose, I love you!
This is a far cry from the tummy time we suffered through 2 months ago
closer and closer to crawling
This picture just makes me hear banjos
He's always got his tongue out- you can tell his brothers are furry with 4 legs
Stuck under the crib again
Oh look mom, I can tear stuff up!
He loves all kinds of pickles
My apple looked better than his, he actually did really well with it.

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