Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 227- Back to work :(

Summer is officially over and I went back to work today. Jackson and I both had a good day, but neither of us really wanted to get up this early. He took a little to warm up at Brenda's but was too busy playing with toys to say goodbye.
He took a decent nap at Brenda's without a fit and went down tonight on his own without any crying, but he was one tired little boy.
We had fun playing after work and found out he loves cheesy scalloped potatoes b/c he had 2 helpings!
It's going to take a bit for the two of us to get back into our routines, but for now I have laundry, Bachelor Pad and an early night in bed!
His new trick- standing up and pulling Mr. Monkey out of the crib
Reaching up high to free Clifford
He got him!
Getting ready to throw all of his newly washed towels all over the floor
Giving me the "I'm too cute for you to tell me no" look

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