Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 217- Bad morning, good afternoon

It's late and I still have diapers to do. So this morning was a rough morning and I only got rough pictures. My only break from a very whiny, easily upset baby was the 30 minutes of Super Why? After his 3 hour nap, we headed to Clarksburg and got some food for his party, his present, his new "big boy" car seat, and a lovie for the new baby. Jackson was much happier there, but didn't eat dinner well. Tomorrow he has the day with his Dad so that I get to work on my classroom. My goal is to have it pretty much done by Sunday night so next week I can focus on getting everything ready for his party and enjoying my last couple of summer days with Jackson.
Watching Super Why and cuddling with Mama (which he never does)
Mama- it's the stupid dinosaurs!
Back from Clarksburg I planned on putting him straight to bed b/c he fell asleep before we were off of Emily Dr. but while I was feeding the dogs he decided to tell me that it was bath time
And his favorite part of bath time= story time. Jackson loves to pick out his favorite books and give them to me. If I show him a book he doesn't want to read, he shakes his head no with enthusiasm. Definitely has his own personality and likes and dislikes emerging more and more daily.

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