Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 216- Yucky means do it again right?

I'm watching Big Brother, but we really had a nice day today just hanging out at home. I had planned to go into my classroom, but realized there will be very few days of just the two of us left so I decided to wait until this weekend.

Jackson has decided that yucky is funny and likes to find "yucky" things, put them in/near his mouth and then laugh hysterically. To me, as long as it isn't dangerous, he'll realize he doesn't like the taste. "No" would be the only word coming out of my mouth if I freaked over every dog toy, random thing, and piece of grass he decided to taste. I don't want to live in that misery, so we just go with the flow and laugh.

We are working really hard on nice hands right now as he has begun hitting me and Joe. He doesn't like "nice hands" but he's learning. We also got to go out and play in the pool today- I love to watch him in the water.

Just one more week and my baby will be 1 year old. He is growing up so quickly. I have a bunch of pictures today because he was in such a good mood all day today.
Proud of himself switching from couch to table
He found the dog bone on Joe and Bernie's bed
Hmmm let's see how it tastes
I'm so silly mama, it's yucky!
Look mama- I'm doing it again!
Dare me to try it one more time?
Where's Jackson?
Where's Jackson?
Peek a boo!
Smacking a very patient Joe in the face (I didn't know he was going to do this when I got the camera- I thought he was going to be nice)
What's your problem? That was "nice hands"
Evil child ripped down his mobile
Playing hide and seek in the laundry basket
Ahhhhh I'm going to get you!
Checking out the step ladder I had to use to put his mobile back up

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