Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 226- Sleep- not for 1 year olds

Since Jackson has turned a year old he doesn't sleep. When he does it's only if I'm in the room (thank God I love to read!). Today he loved playing with all of his toys, but he did not like to nap. I think total he slept about 40 minutes, a far cry from the 4 hours he averaged all summer. However, while it does make him clingy, he's not in a bad mood- he's just sleepy. I hope this clingy/no sleep stage passes quickly!

We also tried a cupcake with him today since he was so anti-cake yesterday. He liked the icing, but not so much the cake- no big deal to me. I love ice cream cake and that's exactly what we're getting for Jackson's birthday from here on out!

The house is pretty much cleaned up from the party, we've found places for all the new toys. Today is my last day of summer, so it's a bit depressing tonight. I had to lay out clothes and diapers for Jackson, pack his lunch, and start digging through maternity clothes for myself. We've got a big day tomorrow and I know by Friday I'm going to be exhausted. Hopefully, we'll fall back into a good routine and adjust quickly. On a good note, I do get to sleep in 1/2 an hour extra b/c I don't have to pump in the morning (at least until March). So 6 am alarm set :(
Icing face
Eating from the top to enjoy all the icing
Licking his lips
This isn't too bad Mama
Getting ready to cling some more
Laughing with Dad at dinner
Watching Super Why to calm down before bed and playing with his new bus

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