Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 225- Party!

Jackson had a fabulous party and we still had people here late into the night so this is a little late. Jackson, despite his lack of sleep, was in a great mood for the entire party. He warmed up to everyone and laughed and played and had a great time. He loved all of his gifts and even more, all of the attention.
The cake smash was anti-climactic as he isn't really a fan of cake, but he loved the fondant. He REALLY loved the ice cream. He was such a ham- he would fake laugh to get the whole room laughing. It was so nice for him to be surrounded by family and friends- he had such a wonderful day.

That night however, his nap issues moved to nighttime sleep issues. He now will only sleep when I am in the room. He woke up 3 times (probably from a belly ache from the junk food) and I had to sit in the recliner until he was back to sleep. The first time took an hour and I ended up falling asleep there. The next two times weren't as long, but I'm sure I dozed off. I really hope that since I'm going back to work Monday that we will establish a good routine and get back to healthy sleep and pass this stage quickly.

Despite all the sleep issues, Jackson still had as good a birthday as anyone could have asked for. I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. I put up an album on facebook, but here are a few of my favorite pictures from the party.
Playing with a balloon while we get ready for the party
Getting ready for lunch, I love the onesie! It was made by this boutique and she's awesome to work with!
Wearing his WVU Click-a-doo diaper for the smash cake
Not into the cake, but the ice cream was great
One of the decorations I made, each plate has a picture of Jackson from each month in the past year. It's cool to see how he's grown
My first attempt at making a cake!
The caterpillar for Jackson

Mamaw, Saba, and Jackson
Mama and Jackson (I'm the only one he'll smile for when someone's taking a picture, so I never get one with him smiling :( )
Dad and Jackson (see what I mean?)
Hide and Jackson in his outfit from Japan

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