Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 231- 12 Month Old Bully

So we are in big trouble with Jackson. There is a 4 year old at the sitters that he's having issues with. When I dropped him off earlier this week, the 4 year old was up in Jackson's face talking to him. Jackson whined and shook his head "no". I told the little boy that Jackson didn't like that and Brenda did the same. He didn't listen and Jackson popped him in the eye. The little boy said "ow, ow" and cried and Jackson laughed hysterically. The more the little boy cried, the more Jackson laughed.

So fast forward to today. The little boy learned his lesson and sat far away from Jackson talking to him. Jackson crawled over and very kindly gave him a hug and a kiss. Then he leaned back and started to repeatedly headbutt him with all his might on the side of his face. Again, ouches and crying follows- Jackson laughs harder and harder. I tell him that's not nice, but he still laughs. I tell him "no" and he smiles b/c he still hears the boy crying. I'm in trouble.

I've also attempted to solve the problem of him trying to steal the dog food. I give him a bowl of animal crackers to eat while the dogs eat. It worked a little, but he had more fun with the bowl than he did with the animal crackers.

He's feeling much better tonight and ate a huge dinner, I'm looking forward to going to be early tonight- this back to work stuff is exhausting.

Playing with Joe Dog
Telling me how it is
Trying to be sneaky and taking the monitor
Dinner time with his brothers
He wanted to put his face in the bowl too!

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