Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 214- It only took 11.5 months

To have Jackson sit still and not scream when I clipped his nails. Now he did scream for both feet and one hand, but the last hand he just let me do it. Thank goodness! I hate trimming his nails because of how miserable it makes him, I was so glad to not listen to him cry during that last hand. I rewarded his excellent behavior with an organic lollipop- which he loved!

I only took a couple of pictures today because we were busy playing, taking the dogs to the vet, or he was napping. Since the vet appointment was right when he should have been taking his morning nap, his whole schedule was thrown off today. We didn't get home until 11:30 and then he slept until 2. He refused to nap at all the rest of the day and was sound asleep for the night by 7:30. I tried a new diaper combination because he's been soaking through at least one diaper every night by 3:00. It's not like it takes much to change him and he's sound asleep on the changing table before I finish, but I want to sleep through the night.

So tonight we tried one of our night diapers (a sustainablebabyish fitted) with an artsy fartsy foo foo insert and a fleece liner (for a stay dry feeling). He still wears his wool shorties which have protected his sheets despite the sopping diapers. I'm tired, but trash is out, toys are cleaned up, floor is swept. All I have left to do is diapers and baby clothes laundry and I am headed to bed.
Don't mess with me while I have my lollipop, geeze mom
Let's make sure to get nice and sticky
Happy kid :)

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