Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 239- The many natural disasters of Jackson

Jackson had a great morning and afternoon. While we aren't going to be touched by hurricane Irene- Hurricane Jackson certainly did a number on our house. He emptied both toy boxes by throwing his toys as far as he could.

We went out to dinner tonight and then planned on checking out cell phone places and grocery shopping. He was having fun at dinner and started to get a little clingy at the end. He was screaming by the time we walked out. He would calm down and as soon as we got in someplace he would lose it again and become inconsolable. Finally we gave up and headed home. He settled when I sat in the recliner as we read some books, had a happy bath, and got some Motrin and now he's down. I hope he wakes up a happier little guy tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of playing "earthquake" with Daddy. He loved the earthquake so much that we put him in his toy box and shake it. As soon as we stop he starts to shake it and laughs harder- it's a riot. Maybe we need to move to California.

Watch mom, this is cool
hold on, earthquake's here
laughing so hard he can barely stand
Then he crawled and pushed it around the house for a while
enjoying the carnage of Hurricane Jackson

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