Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 228- 1 year stats

Jackson had a pretty good day, aside from some shots. We did his one year check up. He was 21 lbs 10oz and 30inches. He's doing well and developmentally on track. He cried a little more for his shots this time than the last time, but he got a new book from the doctor and was in a good mood by the time we left the office.

After we got home, Jackson took a nice long nap and when he got up we went to a friend's party. He had fabulous behavior the whole time, used all of his phrases to show off (more, doggy, and thank you). He held up until 8:30. Then bath and bed. He woke up pretty quickly and needed me to give him a kiss and sit with him until he went to sleep.

Since we weren't home very much today I just have a couple of pictures from his bath. Oh and he's really adjusted well going back to Brenda's. He threw a fit today when I picked him up b/c he didn't want to leave. I just love how easy he makes it to be his mother.

Silly baby
Reading Little Quack's Bath Book
Peek a boo

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