Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30- Food! Picture heavy!

We took baby led weaning to full swing today. Jackson had breakfast and dinner with us. I'm pretty sure that I will have a full day of school tomorrow (and maybe all week if that storm hits us a rain instead of ice or snow) so I will let the pictures and the captions do the talking today. So far it's been really successful and I'm really happy with our decision to do baby led weaning. Jackson enjoys it and has fun. He's adventurous and only eats what he wants. I keep trying the sippy cup, he gets so frustrated. I let him have the trainer, he gets wet, but drinks some- on his own and is one happy kid.
The hardest part I have with baby led weaning right now is not praising him or helping him out too much. They say don't praise because once they understand there is a right way to do it (pick it up get it in the mouth) they will understand that there is a wrong way and frustration can set in. My job is full of constant praise, so it's hard. So I've relegated myself to talking about the flavors, textures, and colors as we eat. It's also hard not to stare because I'm so amazed at his proficiency already, but again- no pressure. I know I don't like to eat with everyone staring, so I've got to try to make sure I'm looking during conversation and eating myself and not just watching him.
Jackson loves his new highchair- thanks Aunt Chris and Uncle Charlie!
Practicing with his food while I make our breakfast
Our breakfast is all ready. I get toast with peanut butter and oatmeal with oj, Jackson gets watermelon, a piece of dry toast, oatmeal and water
He heads right for the watermelon- yummy!
Well- I drink from a cup like this, so this must be how I get what's in the bowl
He did actually get a little to eat with this method
Oh- this stuff feels cool!
Ok- Mom uses a spoon, but I'm not sure how to get the food there. If I put the spoon in my mouth with one hand, I can put the food on the spoon with the other. Very creative method, he's a smart kid!
This eating thing is tough work!
Dinner time- bananas and avocado- he's munching on some avocado here. It was really hard to get a hold of, so slippery!
Banana time- he ate almost the whole thing! (well his piece)
Working hard to chew it all up!
I love dinner!!

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