Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24- Big boy cup

Are you wondering why there are random "dones" and "likes" and fan pages that I join in mass numbers? Well I have discovered the great world of facebook giveaways. Most of them focus on things for baby. I've already won close to a dozen things and it takes very little. Tonight I'm playing 2 games to try and win so this is going to be a short entry.

Jackson and I got to Skype with my mom and George tonight. It was really nice for him to hear their voices and see their faces and definitely helps to close the distance.

We also got a package from amazon today. (Moms, moms to be, or people who want to pretend to be moms- you get free 2 day shipping from amazon through the amazon mom program, it is so wonderful. I can read about something or realize he needs something that one of the 3 stores that has kids stuff in this town doesn't have, which happens often, and I"ll have it 2 days later with no extra cost.
Anyway the package has the book "The No Cry Nap Solution" which we desperately need to work. Currently, though sometimes I love it, Jackson will only take naps on me. Every once in a while he'll go in the crib, but most of the time fights it. He needs sleep badly so I usually give in and let him sleep on me. I really hope there are good tips in this book- I'll let you all know if it works. Hopefully it will help to get him ready to transition from the Rock n' Play to the crib next month too.

The other thing we got was his training cup. He HATES sippy cups. Like, throw on the floor and scream, hates sippy cups. However, he loves to drink water from my cup and gets frustrated when I won't let him drink anymore. So I found this training cup. Of course it's messy, but it's better than a regular old plastic cup. He did get the hang of it, but preferred me to hold it. I think he'll be drinking like a pro from it by April.
So here are his pictures, one practicing with the cup and the second his oops pic.

I can do it!
Oops, I spilled some- but I'm cute and just learning so it's OK!

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