Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26- snow, snow, snow

I'm still having video issues, but I did get one up yesterday. Today was another glorious snow day and tomorrow is already called off. Today I put a picture of Jackson in his onesie from Lots of Laughs boutique with newborn babylegs as arm warmers and comfy fleece pants. We had a busy day full of playing and napping. I had watermelon for lunch and Jackson wanted to try some, so I strapped him in and gave him a piece- he loved it! He did a great job with it too. So I've shared some pics of him working on his watermelon. We aren't officially starting solids for 2 more weeks, but every now and then when he reaches and whines for something we are going to let him sample a small piece. He sang himself to sleep tonight. I fed him and put him to bed where he always wakes up. He usually will suck his thumb and drift off, but tonight he decided to sing himself to sleep :)
I'm also posting some pics of the snow that I took. I know this heavy snow is rough, but it is really beautiful. I'm headed to bed early tonight so I have lots of energy for Jackson and the dogs tomorrow. I've got laundry and grades done so it was a rather productive night, leaving me with very little to do tomorrow except play! I put captions b/c they are all out of order and with the in and out power I'm tired of rearranging them.

Evil Bernie playing at night, mad b/c Joe keeps dragging him in the snow.
Snow at night
Snow during the day
Bernie tasting some snow
Joe getting snowed on
Jackson gnawing on watermelon
Jackson relaxing on his activity mat

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