Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 27- Movin' on up

Jackson was up again every couple of hours last night. I miss my sleep through the night baby. Fortunately he did take 2 decent naps today so he was pretty pleasant most of the day. I then began brainstorming why he's up. It could be a lot of things teething, growth spurt, not eating enough during the day b/c he's into EVERYTHING, or maybe he's outgrowing the rock n' play. I then thought about how my reasoning for not sticking with the switch to the crib last night was that he sleeps fine in the rock n' play. Well, he's not sleeping so good there anymore so no excuses. It's time for the crib to become more than a place to play while I get a shower. The pediatrician said I could start letting him sleep on his belly starting at 6 months. He's pretty close, he has excellent head control, he sits up on his own, he can roll belly to back, he sleeps in a sleep sack, and there is nothing in his crib except for his seahorse. So tonight is his first night in the crib. He looks so tiny in there! He went down without a fuss (thanks to the seahorse) about 15 minutes later he started to get fussy, I went in patted his back, turned on the seahorse and he drifted back to sleep. I hope we have a good night tonight! Not getting too far ahead of myself but so far tonight has gone so much better than the last time we tried. I'm probably in for a long night, but I think the longer I wait the worse it's going to be SO might as well suck it up and do it now that he's having trouble sleeping anyway.

It's reminiscent of the glow worm, but it has ocean sounds in between the classical music and will play longer. I thought it was pretty ugly, but some friends from my August mom chat group swear by this thing. They were right about the rock n' play and the seahorse was half off on black friday so I thought- why not. The next 3 days after Jackson got it, he slept on his own! This thing does work some magic. He starts to fuss, I turn it on and he's mesmerized. Definitely one of our very important purchases. I recommend any of my friends with new babies or babies due get one.

Our picture today is from Jackson's new toy, a present from his friend Bradie. Brandie and David were kind enough to give us Bradie's old walker. Jackson loved it right away. It took me forever to get a picture of him smiling b/c he was concentrating so hard on the toys and how he was moving. It only took him a minute to figure out how to go backward and about 5 minutes to figure out how to go forward. He had a great time! I know he'll be so excited b/c he's just starting to get frustrated at not being able to move around on his own.

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