Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day-26 Snow, Sippy cups, and cleaning out clothes

So we got to enjoy another snow day today (with tomorrow already called off). I'm starting to feel like a stay at home mom, and it's not too bad. However, I do require more adult interaction to feel human. I give major credit to all the stay at home moms out there- I'm exhausted and I still need to finish dishes and sweep. Though I really enjoy only pumping once a day- that's such a PITA. I also decided to start the post today with a picture of Jackson learning to read on his snow day. He read the book upside down and then chewed on it, but he did turn the pages. Thanks Aunt Bobbi- he loves that book!

The snow is really deep and we're supposed to get a little more tonight. Jackson and I are going to have to suck it up and go out and shovel tomorrow :( I've enjoyed the warmth, but the poor mailman is probably not thrilled. Fortunately a neighbor plows the sidewalk, so it's just the walk up to my door. I like this heavy snow though b/c it really is beautiful. I put another picture in there from today. I really wish we didn't live in the city. I see all kinds of picture from my friends who live more rurally and they are beautiful. There really are no benefits to living in the city now. There is no real running out real quick anymore, it's a task to get all the stuff for Jackson together, then feed, change, and make sure he's rested before we go. A few more years and then Joe, Bernie, and Jackson can have some space to run!

I decided to let Jackson try with the sippy cup again. He was not a fan. I took a picture of how he spent the 3 minutes with the sippy cup before he threw it on the floor and did not whine for it back.
Definitely not impressed. So I switched and gave him the training cup. He wasn't very accurate, but he was a much happier baby. Good thing I'm a special ed teacher, I totally understand that learning is messy and I'm fine with it :)

Finally, our big task of the day was pulling out the 6-9 month brands that run smaller (gap, old navy, gerber) for Jackson to wear, along with all of the footies or one pieces since he's so tall. We also cleared out those smaller 3-6 clothes, his 3-6 jeans, and 3-6 one piece outfits. I got all the socks that are too small out and put away too. There is a picture of the clothes that I'm washing to wear now and the clothes we are saying goodbye too. He is growing so fast!!

Hello 6-9 month clothes!
Goodbye 3-6 month clothes, we didn't get to spend enough time together!

Hope everyone has a great night and stays safe in all of this crazy weather!

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  1. So cute Ellen! He is getting so big! Hope everything is going well for you!



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