Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22- Date Night- well evening

Jackson and Dad watching Jeopardy
A HUGE thank you to Candy and Patricia for watching Jackson this afternoon. It was great headed out not worrying about feeding, naps or diaper changes. Russell and I went to see The Dilemma, it was pretty funny and then grabbed dinner. Jackson really seemed to have a good time and was tired out.

Today's pictures are a result of diaper laundry. I have some diapers coming in the mail, either ones that I won or ones that I got a really good deal on- so I decided to take stock of what we have. I have a picture of Jackson with our diaper stash, then pictures of how we store our diapers. In the mail I have 2 diapeze diapers, a nifty nappy fitted, a click-a-doo AI2, a WAHM trout diaper, and a nifty nappy swim diaper. He's growing out of some of his sized diapers, so those are all replacements.

Here is Jackson with his stash- the fitteds are in the top left, all the BG and Kawaiis go to Miss Brenda's and the hodge podge of brands left over are ours. Those are SBISH longies in the center, CC Baby longies to the left, Sbish soaker in blue bottom right, a mama bear wool wrap in merino wool in the tan, and the cream is a little to big beetle wool cover. I'll be reviewing all of these throughout the year.
Our diaper pail with a pail liner from Etsy which rotates with a planetwise diaper pail.
This holds extra inserts, some prefolds, diapers he doesn't fit in yet, and his swim diaper. Great storage space.
This is the basket we keep all the pockets, AIOs and AI2s
This is our basket of fitteds
Extra inserts that I use for long trips or naps
All the PUL covers I used with prefolds when he was itty bitty.
View of the set up and his A&A cozy sleeping bag
Our wipe container- flannel wipes on the left, terry scrubby wipes on the right
The beautiful shelf that Russell built that is directly above the changing table. The peri bottle has our wipe solution which is 3 drops tea tree oil and the rest is water. The big white tub is CJs BUTTer (an all natural diaper cream), vitamins, tylenol, eye drops, tooth brush, vaseline, the basket on the left has snappis and his amber teething necklaces. This is a very handy shelf :)
This is our bumble pocket I won it on a FB comment game. This hangs off the side of the crib (behind his kick n play piano) and holds all of the wool. This is extremely durable and a perfect solution to keeping the wool in a place it can dry without taking up too much space. As he gets older the wool will go to the storage underneath space for easy access and this will start to hold his favorite toys and books. I love this and am really happy I won it b/c I'm not sure that I would have bought it and I never would have known what I was missing out on. There are a ton of patterns and each one is hand made- you can't beat that!

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