Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 271- back with a vengance

Today was a very long day for us. We had a health screen in the morning, our regular day, and then parent teacher conferences. When I picked Jackson up Ms. Brenda told me he was feeling much better, however that changed quickly. We've had many dirty diapers and toward the end of parent teacher conferences Jackson puked all over the two of us. It was super fun walking past tons of parents covered in puke (insert sarcasm). When we got home and showered Jackson seemed to be doing better, but diaper after diaper has proved otherwise. So, since I'm low on sick days and need to save them for maternity leave in January, Jackson and Daddy will have a fun day at home tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be doing much, much better.
Helping me with laundry
Guess who figured out he can open the lid to the trash can
At least he's still smiling

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