Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 258- Hanging with Joe Dog

Tomorrow I get to go on a field trip. As I teacher I still get as excited as I was when I was a student. Jeans and hoodies tomorrow though because it's going to be mighty chilly! Tonight the low is 38. Baby Jackson is rocking his sbish longies, some socks, a long sleeve t-shirt I got at Walmart earlier this week. Since it was one of only two long sleeve t's available we are celebrating Halloween and his baby sister pretty early, but I'm OK with that because I'm excited about both :)

Jackson is walking more and more. I'm pretty sure by next weekend it's going to be his main mode of transportation and he'll be covered in bruises. I picked him up and saw a nice one budding on his cheek. Ms. Brenda said he didn't even cry when he hit it on the table, but got right back up laughing and kept on walking. She said it was all he did for the last hour and a half that he was there. His confidence is definitely building and so is his balance.

Zombie baby
mmmmm black cherries
Gimme a kiss Joe
Mama he likes me :)
Thank goodness he's such a patient dog
Kisses on the hand
it tickles!
He just loves his Joe Dog
Ghetto baby
Yeah, he has some growing to do for some of his fall clothes
Making a quick call before he goes to bed
His shirt says "If you think I'm scary, you should see my sister" and it glows in the dark. :)

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