Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 267- Party animal

Jackson and I had an awesome time at the zoo. He loved the tiger and the leopard, but was terrified of the gorilla and orangutan. It was pretty cool because the tiger stopped and growled at him for a few minutes and he talked right back- made for some great pictures. He also rode the train and loved it. I wish we lived closer to a zoo because it was a great time.

During the wedding Jackson and I hung out outside because he liked the fact that his voice echoed in the church- not a fun thing to discover during a wedding. At the reception he went and went and went and then dramatically told me it was time to go home by crawling into the middle of the walkway and laying flat, occasionally waving bye. I guess it's better than crying and throwing a fit. We had an awesome time and it was nice to see some old friends, though Jackson prevented me from visiting with them too much.
Hello, Mr. Tiger
You looking at me?
Yeah- I'll win the stare down- I'm a honey badger
Checking out the leopard
Hey, where did it go?
Watching the meercats
The closest I could get him to standing alone with the gorilla (which I don't get b/c it's one of his favorite stuffed animals)
Playing in the children's zoo
Enjoying the train ride
Trains are fun mama!
All worn out from the zoo and coming home with his new friend (and even if Russell doesn't believe it- he asked for this by name)
Please let me in!
Walking away from the church
Climbing the stairs
Relaxing during the reception
Cheese :)
Running off for the millionth time
I'm done for mama
He laid like this for a few minutes, with the occasional wave or clap
Too tired to watch the game

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