Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 244- THANK YOU!!

Thank you everyone who voted! Jackson won a custom diaper. We will be getting a newly debuted Twinkie Tush Night-Night in aqua. I am so excited because I almost cried when I couldn't get one when she stocked them earlier in the day (it's a very competitive process). Right now Jackson still gets up 2-3x a night with his diapers soaked. I cringe to think what life would be like if we didn't have night diapers and wool- we've never had to change sheets from night time diaper leaks and this kid can pee. I hope this diaper will be the magic that lets me sleep through the night before the new baby is here.

Ms. Brenda said Jackson was a cranky little guy today but I didn't see any of that tonight. He was in a pretty good mood as we cooked dinner, only threw 3 things off of his tray, and was pretty pleasant the rest of the night. He went to bed late for him, but didn't seem too tired.

However it was a busy night and there aren't many pictures.
Playing with his zany zoo, which he tried to pull to the middle of the floor by himself.
Playing peekaboo with his sbish air soaker
Getting ready for some bath water- Daddy was nice and gave him a bath tonight.
It's time for Goodnight Moon!

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