Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 255- Elmo

Jackson and I had to go to walmart to look for long sleeve t-shirts and socks for these cold nights coming up. By the time we got home, made dinner, and put away laundry- there wasn't much time left to play. Add to that that Jackson only slept 1/2 an hour today because his best buddy was at Ms. Brenda's today and we had a very short evening and a lot of that time was reading quietly in our chair.

While putting away laundry he made it very clear that he wanted his Elmo. I told him it was too warm for his flannel Elmo pjs and he threw a little fit. Then he chased them to the dresser. Finally, he gave up and played with his zany zoo for a bit.

Now off for more fun special ed paperwork :(
He found the Elmo Pjs
Destructive tantrum
Please mama
Fine, I'll do it myself

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