Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 245- Bring on the weekend!

Jackson's asleep and the toys are all picked up. I'm looking forward to this weekend, getting caught up on paperwork, housework and rest. So after a very long evening with baby Jackson here are some views of today. We have to take Joe to the vet in the morning because his rash just isn't getting better :( Then home to clean up a bit.

Jackson likes to randomly stop when he's crawling to pose
He grabbed my face for kisses :)
Me and baby Jackson on College Color Day
Talking to Bernie
Zany Zoo time!
He pulled all of his books out of the book bin. This is an awesome book that was a present from Uncle Charlie and Aunt Chris. I love the illustrations and that it's educational and entertaining.
Getting ready to attack a very patient Joe
pulling the laundry away from his toy
This is how most of the night went
Refusing to smile
He started stacking- but would never leave it up long enough for me to take a picture
He was reading to himself
The result of Hurricane Jackson and his whiny cranky mood

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