Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 262- Bottomless pit

Jackson didn't sleep last night and is sleeping soundly now (knock on wood). For dinner tonight he ate and ate and ate. He had mac n cheese, 6 fish sticks, a banana, and 2 servings of cheerios swallowed down with a cup of milk. Hopefully all that food will keep him sound asleep. When I picked him up from Ms. Brenda's 1 1/2 hours earlier he was eating gold fish. Apparently he was still starving b/c the entire time before dinner he was miserable. After dinner he was a different child lots of fun, silly, and playing nicely. I hope we are back on track tomorrow :)

In other news, the ultrasound revealed that Jackson won't know what he's having unless the doctors find another reason for an ultrasound. While I know it'll be hard to come up with 2 names, it's kind of exciting too. I think I'll be good either way. I don't like that I'll be referring to the baby as it for months to come, but it'll all work out!

Before dinner
smashing bananas
clicking his tounge
much better with some food in his stomach
mashed bananas taste much better than intact bananas

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