Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 256- Stacking

Jackson first made a terrible day fabulous by walking to get me when I came to pick him up today. He's not walking full time, but getting more and more brave by the minute.

He also started stacking his rings from his melissa and doug toy. He has been doing it a bit from his fisher price one, but this is way harder. He claps for himself every time he finishes. He cracks me up. I'm feeling really tired today so it's another short one.
stacking his third ring
now the fourth (and it was a total fluke that he stacked them in order this time)
He pulled some off and was so proud of himself
Bringing cookie monster for me to read
Playing with one of his favorite toys
He puts the phone up to his ear and says "hello" (well what sounds pretty close to hello)
Apparently he thinks that he hears out of the back of his head
dialing and standing by himself
Don't you dare try to take my phone again...
You can't have a bad day with this to come home to :)

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