Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 261- Steelers Sunday

Jackson is just now going to sleep, the morning should be fun. I got lots of rest this weekend and feel better, but have a ton of school stuff to do tomorrow. I also have a follow up ultrasound tomorrow so we can double check that it's a girl. They didn't get good pictures of the face or cord last time so that's why we have the follow up.

Jackson was in an on and off good mood today, ate like his stomach was a black hole, and had drool pouring out of his mouth. I think we'll have another molar popping through this time next week. We are headed to Erie next weekend for a wedding and I'm excited to show Jackson a few places that I enjoyed while I was growing up. He's definitely going to check out the zoo, the beach, try some Sarah's, and visit my dad's grave in Wintergreen Gorge. I hope we have plenty of time to check these things out and watch WVU take on LSU. It's sure to be a busy weekend!
(I'm also looking forward to bringing back some pepperoni balls and Smith's hotdogs)

Good morning mama
Stealing Daddy's lunch today
Ready for game time
He loved playing peek-a-boo with the terrible towel
Touch down!
Go long Dada
Practicing for the future
Awful mad about something, taking it out on the terrible towel
Cheesin' in the middle of his tantrum
Playing catch with Dad
Jackson's snort face, he does it when he's mad and has just started doing it when he's being silly
Hanging with mama after dinner
The Yo Gaba Gaba trans (it's been awhile since we've had it on)
I bought a bunch of thermal shirts at Old Navy cheap during the baby sale last week and was happy to find ones to match his Sbish longies. Russell has decided that this is Jackson's Freddy Kruger outfit :( I hate Freddy Kruger and now I'm going to be scared to go change Jackson in the middle of the night. I thought it was a nice shirt.

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