Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 260- another saturday, another win

Well hopefully next weekend the Mountaineers decide to play all four quarters, but for now a win's a win. Russell was on daddy duty today and that's why he isn't sporting team colors. Jackson seemed to be in a good mood today and walking more and more. Poor kid needs to grow. He's not quite ready to be out of his 12 month clothes, but I don't want to buy a bunch of fall clothes for a few weeks so he's in bigger clothes for now. I had a pretty nice, relaxing day and am starting to feel a bit better. Tomorrow I have lesson plans, grading, and Steelers as well as baby Jackson duty.

Bath time tonight we had a great time. Jackson still finds blanco as a hilarious word and we were listing all things blanco and cracking up. He threw tantrum after tantrum b/c I told him he wasn't allowed to walk in the tub and then finally decided he was ready to crash. He stayed up much later than I thought he would because he only took a one hour nap today. All of the pictures taken today are Russell's pictures so enjoy.

Cheerios and a very sad looking baby
A little happier
Silly baby and his eggs
Sharing/stealing my breakfast (and yes I managed to get a sunburn in 50 degree weather)

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