Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 249- Daddy Daycare

Since Jackson's fever didn't break until later yesterday Russell kept him home today. He's much better and took a super long nap. He's down for the night. He had a great day with Russell and stayed in his warm PJs in this cool weather. I'm still trying to recover from this weekend, so I'm headed to bed. Here are some pictures that Russell took today!
Apparently, Jackson was still tired this morning
He took a 30 second nap and then took off like a bat out of Hell lol
Daddy and Jackson
Yay! He's eating again
Brushing his teeth like a big boy all by himself
Making sure to get the back
He tried to put the toothbrush away when he was done
Jannet made him longies- they fit wonderfully! (please excuse his hillbilly smile!)
Showing off his awesome new longies!

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