Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 253- Sleepless Saturday

Jackson didn't sleep well last night, I stupidly stayed up with Russell until 1:00 and then Jackson was up for the day at 5:30. Fortunately, when I was brushing his teeth tonight I was able to feel that one molar has cut through so hopefully we'll get a few days until we have to deal with the next one. He took 2 naps today, but I got some things done around the house instead of getting a nap in. I have an IEP to write, papers to grade, lesson plans to do, and medicaid to do by Monday so I tried to get a lot of the house stuff done today. Russell was at the WVU game, so it was a long day. Thank goodness Jackson was in a good mood and eating everything again. I'm off to bed soon so its another short one.

The majority of the days pictures are from our trip to city park this afternoon- which of course ended with us flocked by students and Jackson a bit overwhelmed from all the attention. He did seem to have fun most of the time though!
This is what we all should look like at 5:30 am
He loves to lean forward in the swings
Fighting with his teething while he swings
Climbing up the stairs to the slide
Putting his brave face on
Checking out the other kids
That was fun!
He then was really mad he couldn't climb back up the slide
Jackson's favorite thing to do while I cook dinner- pound on the door
From the ultrasound wednesday- profile of baby girl
Hand up by her face
Whole body

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