Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 263- One spoiled mama

Jackson was seriously amazing today from the time he got up until his bedtime at 7:30 he was an angel. He was fun, independent, easy going, and in a great mood. I know I have a really good, easy baby and I'm so lucky, but today he was just reminding me how lucky I am. We had a lot of fun tonight (with no whining) and I'm crawling in bed as a very blessed mama tonight :) (Sorry to sound like I'm bragging, but seriously- I have one awesome kid).
mmm Cheerios and milk for breakfast :)
Enjoying a little Elmo
Teething on Mr. Monkey- there's nothing he can't fix
Jackson and Mr. Monkey watching the rain
playing peek-a-boo
Where's Jackson?
Love these bibs :)
Pushing his table to where he really wants it
Walking around his toys
happy boy
He was wearing the turtle as a hat, but I missed it
He loves working on his puzzle floor
look what I can do mama!
He wanted to read by himself
and did a great job turning the pages

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