Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 362- Big Boy bed!

After hanging out with me all morning, Jackson got to spend the afternoon and evening doing "guy things" with Dad.  I had a doctor's appointment (only 3 more until baby!) and then went to school to work on lesson plans. The boys spent a good bit of time putting together Jackson's new big boy bed.  My Aunt Chris, Uncle Tim, and Aunt Peg went together to spoil the kids and got Jackson his very own bed so the crib (which they got a year and a half ago) will be ready for the new baby.  We are so lucky to have such awesome family!  Dad said Jackson was a big help.

Since he was sleepy tonight, we decided to let him try it out.  So far, so good!  If he does get up and has trouble sleeping we have a few months to get him moved over, so I'm not worried.  I can't believe he's ready for a big boy bed already!

Happy baby at lunch time 
Trying to be a big boy- he climbs up and down all day long 
You need these Dad?  
What's next 
 I'll hold- you drill
Is this good?  
 Right there right Dada? 
Big helper 
 It's not quite right
 There we go
Here Dada 
Can you feel the power?  
Getting all tucked in!
Night, night for a big boy!

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