Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 343- Happy Belated St. Nick's Day

So I know that St. Nicholas' day was Tuesday, but Jackson's present wasn't in yet (even though I ordered before Thanksgiving) so we did it today. Since his shoes were too tiny, his gift just had a shoe on it. He even got a bonus gift in a package from Mamaw today too. So it was one spoiled little Friday. He must have been very appreciative because he was an angel this afternoon. He played nicely, asked for things nicely, and was just all around happy.

After dinner, I thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk and look at lights. We got 2 streets away when he FILLED his diaper and threw a grand tantrum all the way home. Once home and changed though, he grabbed his new book and his new car and was a very happy little boy. Now he's down in his new Twinkie Tush and hopefully he'll sleep in a bit for me tomorrow.

Someone found the Christmas popcorn tin- yes I actually love this seasonal delicacy!
I know what's in there Mama- hehe
Mah cheese (translation- mine please)
He's so gifted he can read upside down while walking (or so I try to convince myself)
His new Merry Christmas, Elmo with matching Elmo
He brought his book with us on his walk so we could listen to Christmas songs while we looked at lights
He was pointing at the lights
Playing with his new car
Vroom, vroom

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