Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 348- Bed time with Dad

I had our school Christmas program so Jackson had a night with Dad.  I got to hang out and play with him up until I served him dinner but then it was Dad's night.  He did a great job and was sound asleep by the time I got home.  This is a pretty late night for this pregnant mom on a Wednesday so I'm keeping it short.  5 weeks from now I will be starting my maternity leave.  It's crazy to know it's so close!

 Please ignore the drool and slobber on me and Jackson his last 2 teeth for a while are giving us some trouble.  Jackson working on his masterpiece.  He is very particular about what colors he uses and where he writes.  Definitely a budding artist (and that is definitely not something he gets from me!)
Hanging up his artwork
Cleaning all the marker off of the floor- he's an excellent helper
Enjoying dinner with Dada

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