Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 354- Note to self, toy stores + toddlers don't mix

Jackson and I had to go shopping for a couple more things tonight for this weekend.  He was in a very independent mood and of course he wanted to touch everything and run around.  The nice lady at Hopscotch sat and played with the trucks with him while I shopped as quickly as I could.  Then when we were trying to check out, he decided he was going to run back to the store and play with the trucks again.  After 4 tantrums and at least 6 games of chase- I finally paid for everything and we made it home.

Before I finish laundry, I was super excited today because Jackson said "oh oh ah ah" like a monkey after reading his jungle book.  I'm glad he likes monkeys as much as I do :)

tearing up his mat 
 helping me cook dinner
the bowl that's impossible to spill? Jackson sure showed them 
this cupboard mama? 

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