Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 357- Baking Helper

I have almost all of my baking done and now it's time for cleaning.  Jackson and I had a great afternoon together and we're gearing up for a busy few days.  I'm excited for Christmas, but looking forward to so quiet relaxation with Jackson next week too!  I hope break doesn't go by too quickly.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone. 
 Pulling out the pans to help me bake
You want this one mama?  
Ok, I'll make music then instead 
He's as bad as the dogs, I dropped a marshmallow and he scooped it up and ate it as quickly as he could 
What- you wanted me to have loads of sugar before dinner right?  
Look- I had to make room for my cup on the wine shelf 
Mama, you look like you're going to need this (I wish!)- maybe it will help you to say yes a little more often :)  
Some of the yummy treats we baked! 

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