Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 338- Busy Christmas-y day

Today Jackson and I had a very busy day. We had a morning playing around the house and planning our day, then he went down for an early nap. When he woke up we went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff for RCEA and for our activities today. We grabbed the $2 subs from Subway and headed home. After he devoured his sub and yogurt, we started baking cookies and working on ornaments. That must have really tired him out because he went down for another nap and slept almost 2 hours. While he did that I made his advent calendar, rice krispie treats and cleaned up a little. When he woke up it was time to finish the ornaments, have dinner and then ice the cookies. We finished up with a quick bath and off to bed. It was nice because he was in a really cuddly mood this evening and a fun and silly mood all day. I think his teeth are bothering him though and I really hope he can sleep comfortably.

Two stories that I thought were funny today. One was while we were at Wal-Mart they announced that Santa was there for free pictures in the back. Jackson and I wandered back there and he approached with no fear, especially when Jackson saw the candy cane. When he got the candy he said "thank you." He repeated it until I had to prompt Santa to say "you're welcome." After Santa said that, Jackson was just fine to sit on his lap and pose for the picture. I love that my 15 month old had to teach Santa manners today.

The other story was while we were baking cookies. Jackson was bored with cutting them out and had taken off to play. I had to take one pan of cookies out and put another in. I heard him laugh and scurry and turned around to see what he was doing. He was hiding under the table with Bernie eating cookie dough that he stole from the counter. I got a great picture. It cracks me up because that's exactly where the dogs hide when they get something that they aren't allowed to have.

It was a fun and busy day, we didn't get everything done, but it just means we have some more fun during the week.
I have no clue what he was doing- he was with his father, I'm guessing he was chucking breakfast
Silly baby
He ate the entire sub, maybe not in the traditional way, but he enjoyed it
He has on his manly Lowes apron to help bake
You'll need this mama
He couldn't reach so we tested out the new high chair (and he hated the apron so we stripped him down)
Mixing the dough and the flour
spreading the flour
rolling out the dough
cutting out the tree- an expert already!
hiding under the table
giggling about shoving his face full of stolen cookie dough
Bernie wants in on the action, but Jackson wasn't sharing
Bernie and Jackson getting out the baking supplies
The rice krispie treat trees
checking out the sprinkles (he picked them out at walmart)
spreading the icing around and dotting on some sprinkles
he had to take a taste by the 3rd cookie
yeah- his teeth are bugging him- fingers in the ears and face full of icing and sprinkles
The advent calendar I made
Finished cookies

The ornaments are in the oven- I'll post pictures tomorrow

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