Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 339-Brotherly love?

Jackson was quite full of himself tonight. We stopped at Wal-mart to buy chicken and pick up his picture on the way home today and he ran through the store. He was definitely too cool for sitting in the cart. Then when we got home, he got into everything he knew he wasn't allowed in. Followed by fighting with the dog, throwing food, and telling me "no" he was not going to take a bath, then "no" he was not going to get out of the bathtub (and stopping the drain back up every time I tried to drain the tub. I will take this little boy over the tantrum king any day though. He did finally settle into my sweet little boy as we read "Goodnight Moon" and gave kisses before cuddling with Mr. Monkey. He's definitely coming into his own.

Jackson's picture from yesterday- he's not crying or screaming :)

Going after Joe
Trying to get Joe to move
Upset because he's unsuccessful
He loves his stackers
He also loves the advent calendar (today was a hershey kiss)
Joe's in his way again- (poor Joe)
King of the Mountain (aka he harassed Joe enough to get him to move)
Why Gretchen from Twinkie Tush is amazing- beside her awesome diapers (this is the custom that I won and Russell picked out). She remembered I was looking for material to match his Harry Potter diaper and sent me some so I can make his Gryffindor tie!

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