Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 356- Christmas Lights

We had a fun little evening.  Jackson got to meet Dad's guest this evening, a raccoon he had to trap who is currently living in our garage.  Then we headed to Subway where he was very proud to show us that he could blow his nose.  After that we went to the railroad depot and checked out the Christmas lights.  Jackson wouldn't keep his hat on so we came home and had a bit of a relaxing before Jackson's bedtime.  I have a long to-do list, but I think my swollen feet are saying to take it easy tonight.  So I think I'll make Jackson his Christmas Jigglers tonight, work extra hard tomorrow afternoon/night, and pray that anyone coming to visit for Christmas understands that I'm pregnant, have a toddler with a cold, and doing the best I can to keep the house clean.  Christmas on Sunday is very hard to manage.  I just need one weekend day before the parties and festivities begin.

 Hey-Mama, let's get moving- I'll drive!
Dad trying to make sure we don't have repeat of the bunny incident 
Poor raccoon 
Jackson was definitely more interested in the gravel than the raccoon 
It moved! 
Marching toward the lights 
His favorite display- the dump truck 
 Of course, he has to touch
He had to climb up on every bench there was, just to climb down and do it again 
 Where we going Dad? 
Found Santa on the way back to the car 
 Running away to try and touch more lights
He was a little bookworm tonight when we got back, my feet were very thankful!

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