Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 347- Just another Tuesday

Is it just me or is this week going by extraordinarily slowly? I feel like it should be a Thursday at least! Jackson was a bit clingy and whiny tonight, but he took a late, long nap at Ms. Brenda's and I had to wake him up to bring him home. He was happy to get back to bed after dinner and a little bit of playing. He had a good time in his bath, but drained the water and promptly told me he was "dah" toddler talk for done.

He really was loving on Mr. Monkey today and was not impressed that he could not hang out with Mr. Monkey while eating Barbeque ribs for dinner tonight. He was also not impressed that Mr. Monkey could not take a bath with him (though I need to find some time he's away from Mr. Monkey long enough to wash that thing!). He's all Dada's tomorrow night, so I hope he's in a better mood! I have our school Christmas concert, though I'm not sure how I'm going to survive it- it starts at 7:00- just when my pregnant butt is winding down from the day! Hopefully, besides diapers, there won't be a lot I need to do tomorrow night when I get home.

Since he was glued to my side most of the night, we didn't have a whole lot of pictures, but we did have a pretty good cuddly night. Now that I've got dishes, trash, sweeping and cleaning done- I'm headed to bed to hopefully finish my book!

Shaking along with Elmo

Hiding his shaker with all of Dad's toys

I'm ready for bed Mama- you got Good Night Moon? 

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