Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 340- Tree and Haircut

We got the lights on the tree tonight and Jackson got a much needed haircut. We had to stay up a little later to get all of these things done, but since Russell won't be home again until the weekend we needed to take advantage of the time.

Fortunately we get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow b/c Jackson has a doctors appointment at 8:30. Now it's time for a snow dance for tomorrow night and some reading before an early bedtime for me, the kids really wore me out today!

Just chillin' waiting on Dada to get the stuff ready for the lights
I love our new LED lights
We all need a little Halloween at Christmas time (thanks Aunt Bobbi- he LOVES to press that button!)
Man on a mission
He loves to run in place
He loves the song this plays- dances every time he honks the horn
He was rolling around on the floor watching the lights
He learned quickly how to turn the lights on and off
I've got to read the pinterest article on how to photograph lights
After his hair cut (he thought he deserved goldfish for suffering through that)
Up close- don't worry he'll have that out of control mop back in a week :)

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