Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 342- Where did my happy baby go?

Jackson and I enjoyed our 2 hour delay this morning. We had lots of fun, a hot breakfast, and took our time getting ready. I had training and got out early, so I went to pick up Jackson and he had just gotten up from a nap. Apparently that nap wasn't long enough because he was not a happy camper for the majority of the evening. A little bit of that was cured with reading books and an empty toy box, but not enough. So we scratched our dinner plans and made spaghetti instead. Right after spaghetti we finished putting away toys and diapers (Jackson loves to help clean up) and did bath and bedtime. He's cutting the last of his teeth for awhile, so hopefully he sleeps well. Tomorrow is Friday!
I love my doggy
Hugs and kisses for Joe Dog
He was stoked to see the snow this morning (not so excited to touch it)
Giving hugs to Gorilla
Relaxing in his toy box
Why there are no more night pictures- this tantrum was brought to you by short naps and teething
Finished salt dough hand print ornaments (minus the ribbon)

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