Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 336- Ho Ho Ho

Jackson is just now getting to bed as we were downtown meeting Santa tonight. He was not so sure about him, but did tell him "thank you" when he gave him a dum dum. After he got that, he was not interested in posing for any pictures. I can't complain, he wasn't screaming and he talked to him- great steps for a 15 month old.
We had a pretty good night tonight and I'm hoping he sleeps in b/c I'm one tired lady! Tomorrow I think we are going to do some craft projects and hopefully talk Dada into taking us to get a Christmas tree :) Jackson's brother or sister will be here by this time in 7 weeks so we've got to make the most of our one on one time now!
Since he can't drive it forward yet, he just carries his car from place to place---little muscle man!
Thanks to Uncle Luke this blue light and "it's me cookie monster" haunt our evenings
Honk, honk
What- you can't really mean it's bath time!

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