Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 344- When Goldfish fight back

Jackson and I had a fun day playing today. We didn't get a whole lot done other than making huge messes, but we had a good day overall. He wore me out, so today's post will be short, but it's full of pictures and captions. The story behind today's title is that for the last 3 days whenever Jackson has snack time and he gets angry he'll dump whatever goldfish he has and then stomps on them while he screams. Today he stomped the wrong way and went face first into the coffee table, leaving a nice bruise right next to his eye. So please excuse the black eye for the second half of the day's pictures :(

Jackson telling his dog from the ER last week to "stay"
Reading doggy Elmo
When he finished he patted the dogs like we do when they do a good job, he was too precious
Now evil baby is not so sweet to his real dogs
Nice hug for a skeptical Joe
Followed by a teeth chattering headbutt, poor puppy
He loved watching his video online
He cracked me up pointing to "nice", duh Mama of course this is the right answer
He wanted to type, but was so excited to see his picture
His new trick, bring me Bernie's bowl and his bowl when he wants a snack. Apparently he's trying to get Bernie to like him more (this is the snack that resulted in a tantrum- b/c I wouldn't fill Bernie's bowl or let him carry it around- the tantrum resulted in the following facial deformity)
Check out that shiner
All swollen and pathetic looking
Doesn't slow him down though, he was having fun wrecking my towers
Finally he decided it was more fun to build then destroy rather than just destroy
Emptying the toy box
He loves these toy boxes
Our shakers we made today
Snack time in the laundry basket
Enjoying Elf on the Shelf while Bernie lurks in the background hoping for a crumb

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