Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 206- Brotherly Love

Jackson and I had a busy day wrapping up summer school and preparing for the upcoming school year. We spent 3 hours at school getting all of the paperwork done, then came home and napped, and then out to walmart for 2 hours of shopping for school supplies. I still have a lot to do tonight, so it's short.

The pictures are from this morning before we left and this afternoon between naps. Joe and Jackson were having a lot of fun playing together today. Now they are both sound asleep and I hope to join them soon!
So proud that he can stand up and get right to Joe
Joe Dog kisses :)
Jackson kisses
Look mama-I got his toe
Joe trying to tell Jackson he's had enough petting
He learned how to take his sippy cup off the table and then put it back up by himself--a very proud baby
Throwing toys at Joe makes Jackson laugh- Joe, not so much

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