Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 188- Jackson 'no sleep' Shepherd

So I was running late to pick up Jackson today by about 1/2 an hour. Usually he's asleep when I get there and come homes to nap another hour or 2, but I get there today and he's wide awake playing. He hadn't napped all morning. I'm sure he's going to fall asleep in the car, which usually happens pretty immediately. Nope he sings and talks the whole way home. We get home and he plays for another hour and a half. Now it's almost 2:30, he got up at 6:30. The kid's usually on his second nap by now. I see him start to rub his eyes and put him down. He stands in the crib and screams random babblings for 30 minutes then starts to cry (probably afraid to try and sit after the black eye). I lay him back down, turn on the magic seahorse. He whimpers a bit and finally falls asleep. It lasted 40 minutes. Not my typical 3-4 hour nap day. He refuses to nap the rest of the day and is on and off cranky. Fortunately, a little more off than on- which is an improvement from yesterday. Fortunately by 8:00 he was down. Now it's almost 9:00 and I have bottles/ sippy cups done, everything cleaned up from dinner, toys cleaned, one load of diapers on the cold cycle and another load folded and ready to go to his room. I feel quite accomplished and I'm even going to get to watch Big Brother before bed :) Maybe he's getting ready to go down to one nap. I'm not sure how I feel about this- I like having that time to get things done!

I'm also thinking that since he'll be 11 months on Monday, this weekend will start getting rid of all bottles. I truly don't think he'll have any issues now that I finally found a sippy cup he approves of! I can't believe he's almost a year old- so many big changes coming for him and us. I think it's time to start party planning :)
What Mom- does this look like a face who needs to nap?
Making fun of Joe for panting
Evil thoughts
The bib says it all for this guy
I told him he wasn't allowed to bite me...
Giving Bernie the stare down for barking
Leftover spaghetti makes for a happy evening :)

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